A Complete Guide On Vastu Tips For Worshipping Goddess Durga

Posted by Admin on February, 23, 2023

Vastu for worshipping the goddess Durga can assist you and your family experience happiness, advancement, and wealth. Having a Brass Durga Statue will always bring you prosperity and success.

Devi Durga is revered in a variety of ways. However, it is unique to include Vastu in the worshipping procedure. Here, the strength of meditation and enthusiasm for fervent devotion and subjection to everlasting power is coupled with the science of shape, size, and flow of positive energy.

During Navaratri, the goddess Durga is worshipped in nine various guises. Navaratri worship is a sublime means to deepen our spiritual understanding of wellness. You might anticipate the greatest degree of achievement from your Durga worship when your dedication and Vastu is combined.

Vastu In Durga Puja:

Vastu is easy to include in Durga puja rituals. According to Vastu, everything revolves around adhering to a few suggestions for placing the Alter and other items. The Durga puja premises should be designed and constructed in such a manner that good energy may flow there at the same time as cleanliness and the impulse of healing.

Vastu for Durga Puja states that Maa Durga's alter or puja chamber should be on the premises' northern side. If the northern side is not available, the east or northeast corners must be used for the Alter placement. By no circumstances could the idol's height exceed 10 feet.

At Maa Durga's temple, Diyas and lights must be placed according to strict instructions. The southeast corner is where the Akhand-Jot should go. If there is a lampshade, it should be positioned in the room's southeast corner. According to Vastu's advice, placing the "mangal-ghat" on a table made of sandalwood is the ideal arrangement. If there is one, it should be positioned at the Vayyab angle of the puja area.

Only silver and copper utensils are permitted to be used during puja. According to vastu's advice, it is forbidden to use iron or stainless steel utensils during Durga Puja.

To accommodate individuals who wish to observe the worship, there should be some open space in front of the Alter. Red clothing, red flowers, and red lotuses should be presented to the goddess as offerings.

Significance Of Durga Puja:

According to a Hindu study, the Vedas describe the significance of Durga Puja. According to Hindu legend, Lord Brahma bestowed the boon of invincibility onto the demon Mahishasura, making it impossible for either a man or a deity to triumph over him.

Mahishasura assaulted the gods and banished them from heaven after getting the boon. To depose the demon ruler, all the gods gathered to worship Adi Shakti. Maa Durga was conceived by the divine light that emanated from all the gods during the puja.

Fighting Mahishasura and Maa Durga lasted ten days. The demon king was defeated by Goddess Durga on the ninth day. The day is thus commemorated as Vijaya Dashami, signifying the victory of virtue over evil.

On the last day, the Goddess Durga statue is immersed in the revered Ganges river. It is referred to as Durga Visarjan. Worshipers march while being encouraged by drumming, singing, and dancing before the immersion.

She grants us freedom as Parvati (moksha). Whether you worship Lakshmi or Parvati, the same energy receives your plea. Shridevi Durga would grant you anything you ask for if you pray to her with complete dedication and assurance.

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